Executive Search

ASCEND assists national and multinational firms with the strategic mission of hiring executives for top and middle level management positions.

  • Executive search
  • Assessment
  • Market mapping

Executive Coaching :

Coaching is a process of short duration, conducted in order to transform ineffective mental models into more flexible and efficient models



    With more than 70 multinational clients from different industries, ASCEND works with companies at their distinct business stages in the strategic mission to hire middle to top-management executives; coordinators and specialists.

    ASCEND follows a rigorous process, allocating specific teams for each new project, dedicated to finding the right professional to match the technical and behavioral profile required by the client, as well as the culture and current context of the organization.

    Our close relation to clients, allow us to have flexibility and agility to help their businesses, by adapting to their specific needs. Ascend has conducted searches for start-ups, post-start ups, post-acquisitions, well established businesses, each case demanding specific talents.

    Our process includes:

    • The understanding of your needs. Ascend knows its clients, their business, culture and values that guide them.
    • Project timeline definition and follow-up throughout the project.
    • Definition of search strategies. Increasing corporate requirements make our mission more challenging each day, and make it necessary to bring intelligence to the recruitment and selection process.
    • Market mapping: Ascend develops knowledge about your market and shares it with you, helping decision makers.
    • In-depth evaluation of candidates. More than one interview for medium and top management positions; use of behavioral test; competencies based interviews.
    • References checking.
    • Project Delivery: we present an exclusive short list of candidates for your project.
    • Our candidates are constantly informed about their progress in the project and receive specific feedback after our client's decision on the professional to be hired.
    • We follow-up on the hire's adaptation to the new role.

    Our Executive Search clients are "off limits" for one year after the conclusion of the last project conducted. Hired candidates remain "off limits" as long as they work for the same organization.

    ASCEND creates long-term relationships in the market and generates repeat business from its customer base.

    Advantages of Working with ASCEND:

    • Personalized service.
    • In-depth evaluation of candidates.
    • Extensive market mapping.
    • Advisory approach.
    • Support and feedback to candidates.
    • References checking prior to the presentation of candidates.
    • Sense of urgency.
    • Results on a established timeline.


    The assessment process serves to obtain an impartial and structured evaluation of professionals in relation to a clear organizational objective.

    It generates information about individual competencies, performance, strengths and weaknesses of each professional evaluated. This information may support decision making in projects such as: succession, development, organizational restructuring, internal movements and talent identification for open positions.

    The process includes:

    • Diagnosis: understanding the customer's need and objective.
    • Profile specification
    • Assessment including personal interview and behavioral profile test.
    • Results presentation


    The Market Mapping serves to generate knowledge about potential candidates for a position defined by the client. It can be used by start-ups previous to entering the country or by companies structuring a new business to gain knowledge about resources available for positions to be hired.

    The process includes:

    • Job specification.
    • Definition of hunting ground.
    • Market mapping.


  • Executive Coaching

    Executive Coaching

    Advising executives

    Executive Coaching is a competencies development process that helps professionals improve performance in the organizational context.

    Using an specific methodology and a practical approach, this process enables the coachee to become more aware of his/her choices, learn how to project actions, and establish goals that will improve performance and enhance skills.

    Coaching is a process of short duration, conducted in order to transform ineffective mental models into more flexible and efficient models.

    ASCEND has a team of certified senior coaches, experienced in conducting processes with medium to top-management executives

    Most common situations that request Coaching:

    • Development of potential talents to assume positions of greater responsibility.
    • Development for key professionals when the lack of an specific competence is having a negative impact over the environment, the performance of the area they work at, people's motivation, etc.