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Our Validity Term

The Aging of the Population of Brazil should be Accelerated, points out IBGE ”, article title of the newspaper Valor Econômico of December 2, 2016. In the same newspaper, on January 2, 2017, the headline says:“ Brazil has a record aging pace .

It is rare for a day to pass without the themes of aging the Brazilian population, increasing longevity, social security reform coming up.

According to IBGE data, in 2030 we will have more people aged 60 or more than children under 14 years old. In 2055, the participation of elderly people in the total population of the country will be greater than that of children and young people up to 29 years old.

We will be a country of the elderly soon and the change in the population profile will have consequences for the job market.

With longevity increased by the resources of medicine, in a country where few will have supplementary pensions, people will choose to remain active in the labor market and generate income for longer.

On the side of people, it is necessary to think about the long term, avoid obsolescence, develop new skills, have something to offer the market and be flexible to accept different remuneration models.

On the business side, the concept of diversity urgently needs to include our expiration date as well. After all, who dictates when he wins? Hopefully, you and I will be part of the population aging statistics. We may even look for job opportunities later on. Prepared and ready for it, why not?


Andréa de Paula Santos
Partner of Ascend RH

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