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About Web Marketing

Digital Marketing is now considered a strategic area. B2C model industries were the first to implement actions in this area and now, those with B2B model start to embark on this trend. This context has created job opportunities for professionals with knowledge in the area.

Ascend advised companies in hiring the Digital Marketing professional and consulted this audience to read about the trend of their role in the market. In the selection processes we conduct, we are faced with a very limited supply of professionals ready for the job, most of them working in branches or in industries in the B2C market, which determines the need for the generation of professionals.

According to the responses we obtained, there is a strong tendency to internalize the area, whether total or partial. Professionals in the field believe that those with a career in marketing and who know the resources of "web" technology are better qualified to conduct the "start-up" of the area, however, most of them believe that the career of the web marketer is limited within organizations (except agencies), a challenge of attracting the function.

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